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I have few regrets… I just don’t get hung up on “what could have been” or “what I should have done”. It’s just not worth it and I just do the very best that I can do. Always. I give credit to that freedom to my deep faith in God and knowing His plans are way bigger then mine. That being said, I had one VERY big hangup and looking back, my own insecurities robbed me and my entire family of something very precious…Memories. Pictures! I am a photographer. I KNOW lots of AMAZING photographers and yet as I take stock of my last 10 years in pictures, there are very few with me in them. I was 40 pounds overweight, I looked tired, you name it, I had an excuse. Yet, as I look at my walls, some of my very favorite pictures(and certainly my boys’ favorites are the ones where the ENTIRE family is present. I didn’t have a ton of pictures taken of our family when my boys were infants and toddlers. Sure, I have tons of them but not with their momma. I am trying to rectify that now. Still…. I missed an opportunity and I do regret it. My point to this post is simple. Don’t wait. Don’t wait until your hair has been cut and colored. Don’t wait until you shed those last 10 pounds, and don’t wait for the professional to take the pictures! Tomorrow simply isn’t promised to us. And even when we are lucky enough to receive all of those tomorrows… those babies are growing. And one day, you will wake up and your sweet little boy (or girl!) is 10. This post is to all of those brave mommies (and daddies). You rock! And you are BEAUTIFUL!


I have had a really wonderful and crazy summer. Here is some of the wonderful. Full of love and adoration, they united, they celebrated and they danced under the stars. My heart was so full and I smile every time I think of Allison and Jeff.
The backdrop to this stunning rehearsal dinner and wedding is none other than The Inn at Little Washington.

Rehearsal Dinner


I ran into Dana and Tyler at a wedding I shot a few weeks ago (post to come) and I started thinking about them and their special day. First let me say, I am beyond lucky because I get to have relationships with my clients that throw them into the category of “old friends”. You know, you may not see them for awhile but when you do, you greet one another with an endless smile and the biggest hug you can come up with. These two are no exception. As I drove home after bumping into them, I was overcome with memories from their wedding several years before. These two genuinely love life. Their friends are the recipients of their passion. The night of Dana and Tyler’s wedding was met with some rain showers but you would have never known by the smiles on their faces. The night was full of love and friendship and a serenade. Tyler sang to his beloved Dana. He will forever hold a special place in my heart as my own sweet husband did the same for me. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. Great wedding. Amazing people.









I just want to hug this darling little girl. When I arrived she was sleeping so sweetly while the world went on around her. Ahhh second babies…. they don’t need the quiet hush that the first child seems to require. There is no whispering. In fact, they seem to sleep better with the sounds of their family shuffling around them… funny how that happens.
Alice’s big brother Davis just turned 1 so it was especially lively while I was there. I must confess, I adore him. He is happy and sweet and so willing to let me hold him…. even sharing a hug (or two… yes, I was counting) with me.

The next one just makes me smile…

And now with her sweet big brother…

  • Lori Nansi - May 29, 2012 - 10:40 AM

    These are just the most adorable pics of such a darling family! Oh my!!! your so talented Stephanie!!!!


Oh my…. where shall I start? Today was a day as a “mom” that I will not soon forget. I received an invitation on Monday from my youngest son Tucker to please join him for high tea on Friday morning at his pre-school. The sweet little invitation mentioned tea, fruit and cucumber sandwiches all to be served by him. I love his preschool and I especially love his teacher Ms Sharon for all that she has taught him(she is forever doing fun science projects with them) but this… this was just too much. Letting a room full of 3 year olds serve tea…. wild horses couldn’t have kept me away. When I walked in to that room this morning, I have to confess, I started to cry. The scene below was more then I was prepared for. My sweet little boy had dressed himself and asked his daddy to “help” with his hair this morning so I knew how cute he was going to be but again, not quite prepared for my little guy to be standing there waiting to pull my chair out for me.

As I looked at all the love and attention that was put into the planning and execution of this very beautiful event I immediately shot a few more shots and put down my camera so that I could be right there in the moment with my sweet little Tucker. He chose the fruit that I would enjoy, he poured my tea and most importantly, he kissed my cheeks so much I am certain you can still see his sticky little lips marks on my cheeks. Thank you Ms Sharon. Today was so special. And most importantly, thank you Tucker. I love being your mommy more than you could ever know!

  • Angel - May 13, 2012 - 9:56 AM

    So beautiful!!! Love it.ReplyCancel

  • Krista - May 15, 2012 - 7:33 PM

    you are such a special mommy…thanks for sharing.
    love ya.
    K (you look fab in your picture girlfriend)ReplyCancel